Frequently Ask Question

Is there an option for monthly subscription fee?
No, 97% of customers requested an annual fee to avoid a monthly reoccurring charge hitting a credit card each month. In addition based on the annual purchase PTS offers a considerable savings compared to prior month-to-month payment program.
Will I be notified before annual renewal to accept the annual renewal fee?
Yes, the email on record will be used to notify you about time for annual renewal.
How many sub subscribers can be added to the subscription?
The PTS subscription is for only one main subscriber and one co-subscriber who can be listed in the back office as a secondary traveler. This person can book outside of the main subscriber but the sub subscriber will need to have a credit card on file in their name along with credit card billing address.
Can the main subscriber book for third party persons that are not traveling with the main subscriber or sub subscriber?
No, as this subscription is only available for the main subscriber and sub subscriber but when booking travel the subscriber and sub subscriber can book up to 5 separate rooms if the small group is traveling on the same dates and same location as the subscribers. The subscriber will be responsible for the full payment and seek reimbursement from other travelers and the subscriber will assign the names to each room.
What is the first thing I should do once I receive my welcome email?
Make sure to read the email and follow the activation email instructions. The first thing to do is login to your manager section, click on the profile, add the main subscriber and sub subscriber data and credit card information. We highly recommend that the main subscriber list two credit cards to assure that if the main credit card on file does not work you have a backup credit card on file as no booking will be processed without the payment processed.
What could cause a fraud alert?
If the name of the subscriber does not match the name on the credit card and the billing address for the credit card will 100% of the time initiate a fraud alert. If a fraud alert takes place the subscriber must use the live chat ink or call the number listed on the alert notification.
Is there 24/7 customer service anywhere I travel?
Yes, on your reservation itinerary you will find an emergency traveler help phone number that is available 24/7 and multiple languages.
Is there a price guarantee policy for this program?
Yes, but not with airlines, or other discount websites. Make sure to read the policy.